Tours in Madrid

Tours in Madrid

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Маdrid – is a very interesting city, where you can spent excellent hollidays and have a great fun with our Company starting with your comfortable arrival with our Company  “Transfer in Madrid”. Then, our Guides in Madrid will show you our interesting “Puerta del Sol” square, which we can translate as “Sun Gate square”. Ths place is the most centrical square of our City and use to be the entrance to the city historical center. At the presents times, many pedestrians streets arrive to this square and is full of live, bars, shops, etc. In the center we have a Monument to our most important King Charles III with his horse. Also here, you can find most important symbols of the Capital of Spain as the coat of arms which is composed of a bear and a tree called in Spanish “Madroño”. Guides will explain it more into details and will also show you another important highlight which is the “0 km” where all roads where mesured from this point to calculate distances.

If you want to know more of our Gastronomy, first option is to registrate in our Tours of Tapas you will have chance to try the bests ones of Madrid. Also you can you can go with our Guides to San Gines and try the most famous symbol which are the “Chocolate with Churros”, try the “Sandwich of fried Calamares” or finally another option is to try our licour of Madroño as well. We have great ideas to let you enjoy.  Just ask us what is your most interesting and we can customize you a package.

At the walking Tour in Madrid we will show you our unique city full of charm and explain you which exciting actvities you can organize to take the most benefits during your stay in Madrid. During this Tour we will be able to show you the most important of Gran Via Street, where you can find a wide offer of Shopping, great bars and Casino. This Street is our principal and starts with our famous building Metrópolis and finishes in our Square Plaza de España with a famous sculpture to our book Don Quijote. Before finishing we will show from outside our Royal Palace and Cathedral with our Plaza Mayor square.

Also if you are tired, of walking we can offer you Tour by car. This Tour can be done separate or together with the walking Tour to see the new Area of Madrid, such as Arena bullfighting Stadium called “Las Ventas” or our Football Stadium “Santiago Bernabéu” of Real Madrid CF.

If you want to get to know the most cultural important places are our Museums like Prado Museum. With almost 2000 Paints has extraordinary masterpieces from Rubens, Velazquez, Bosco or Goya. You can enter for free from 18:00-20:00 from Monday to Saturday with 17:00-19:00 for Sundays.

If you are located at Madrid we recommend you the surrounds as Toledo, Segovia, Escorial or Aranjuez with many differents Monuments.

With our Tour to Toledo, our Guides will show you the most interesting places to visit of this city world wide heritage and a history full of Centuries. With our Guide you will be able to visit our Cathedral called Primada as is the first in relevance and we could compare like our Spanish Vatican and the most important Paint of El Greco located at the Saint Thomas Church.

Summing up, another extraordinary place to visit once you are in Madrid is Segovia. It is a city full of beautiness and one of the most demanded places near to Madrid. We will pick you up at the Hall of your Hotel and we will leave to Segovia which is about one hour drive. Is important to reserve at least 6 hours, half day so you can get to see the most importants sights.

The most outstanding Monuments are Aqueduc, Alcazar and their Cathedral.

The Aqueduc of the city is the most important jewel heritage of Roman Times of our Country. Dated around the II century A.D. was able to transport the water on the top over the 800 meters lenght from left to right, from one hill to another. This made able to supply wáter to the center where they grew the city. Without water no life.

The Cathedral in Gothic style was contructed on the 16th Century and conserves a unique collection of Tapestry, Chapels, Statues and honours Saint Frutos, protector of the city.

Alcazar- very interesting castle with a mix of history that inspired the White snow film of Disney, where balloons started to fly or where our King Alfonso X (Wisdom King) wrote firsts documents of astronomy in Spain. Fortress of dinatsy Tastamara Kings, with two Throne Rooms from times of Isabel I or Philippe II nowadays preserves the most important military archive of the Country. However what will make you for sure want to come back is their suckling pig, a legendary receipt which made this city worldwide famous.

Finally but not lest important is the visit to the Monastery of the Escorial. Constructed from 1563 to 1584 by Juan de Herrera, gave a style of Arquitecture that you can only find in Spain. Considered the 8th Monument of the World Wonders list like the pyramides of Egypt is one of those places that becomes a must to see. If we would need to chose the most important room of our Country would probably the Pantheon of Kings of this Monastery, as our 500 years history of Modern State Kingdom are summarized with the burrial of them here underneath the Altar. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]